"Because the one thing you want to do is to LOVE, and that love should begin with you. Once you love you, you love the whole world. It’s delicious to love everybody, and everything.” – Dr. Sebi

Starting With One Cup Of Tea!

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Strawberry Hibiscus Tea

Our Best Seller!

This blend has dried strawberries in it with no added sugars. Great to have anytime of the day.

Taste like happiness (:

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"It's so good! I'm going to need another one soon! Everybody likes it!" - V.B

"It's lovely, I be trying not to drink it everyday because i dont want to run out! " - T.P

"This is so good, and it's a pretty color" - L.H

Herbal Bath Soaks

Check out our handcrafted herbal tea baths! Made to relax your mind, body, & spirit over a hot bath! in 2 varients.

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Limited Edition

Make sure you shop our Crystal tea infusers! They are highly anticipated as well, It is a limited amount but we have other infusers to select from!

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